Delta RGB Sunset Lamp (multicolour)

Original price was: ₹5,999.00.Current price is: ₹799.00.

Do you live for golden hours? Sunset Lamps have taken social media like a storm

Grab this beautiful lamp to enjoy the beauty of the sun and the rainbow anytime of the day!

  • 4 Color Films: Sunset/Sunlight/Sunset-Red/Rainbow, personalized moon lamp, by replacing the films, it casts romantic lights on the wall ceiling and floor.
  • 360 Degrees Rotated: The sunset light holder can be rotated 360 degrees, the size and shape of the halo can be adjusted by rotating the lamp, independently adjust the lighting Angle.
  • Energy-Efficient: The modern floor lamp is made of high quality aluminum, energy saving and corrosion resistance, stable base lamp mast, non – glare, long service life.
  • Easy to Use: Adjust the height and distance of the lamp and rotate it at an appropriate angle. The farther the distance, the greater the projection.
  • Value Accessories: Equipped with 5W USB power supply, 2 meters cable with switch, 4 color films, high quality transparent lamp beads,8~15 inch bracket telescopic. 


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