LED Selfie Ring Light

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Made In India

The Selfie Ring Light Comes with 3 Brightness Levels and 36 Long Lasting LED bulbs Provides supplemental or side lighting for photography when ever you have low light conditions., It also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos when natural light is not available. It is convenient to use with laptop and video calls also. You can clip it anywhere., Designed with anti-slip and scratch-resistant sponge which can effectively prevent it from falling off and protect your phone from being scratched., Independent Lighting: It can complement light without connecting to smart phone or other devices. Just Press the power button, you will be able to switch to another lighting level., 36 LED bulbs will be able to provide enough lighting for you to take great selfies. Take selfies anywhere, dark night clubs, Parties, Camping etc. With this selfie Ring Light we will never have to worry the dark environment again. PERFECT BRIGHTNESS FOR SELFIE:- Suit for all cellphone, 3 different levels of brightness, You’ll find the perfect lighting needed for your photos & Videos.


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