Delta 3W LED Torch with magnet , Rescue light and hammer

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Introducing the Delta 3W LED Torch with Magnet, Rescue Light, and Hammer – Your Ultimate Companion for Outdoor Adventures and Emergency Situations!

The Delta 3W LED Torch is a must-have tool for anyone seeking a reliable and powerful flashlight. Its compact size and convenient strap make it incredibly portable, perfect for carrying on-the-go. With low power consumption and a long running time, you can count on this torch to be there when you need it most.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this high-power taclight is built to withstand extreme temperatures, from freezing cold to scorching heat. It’s also water-resistant and shock-resistant, ensuring it remains functional in any weather conditions or accidental drops.

Key Features:
– Lighting Distance: Illuminate objects up to an impressive 500 meters away, providing exceptional visibility in the darkest of environments.
– Support Dimmer: Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting brightness with 5-8 dimmer settings.
– Lumen: Benefit from an exceptionally bright beam of light, outshining ordinary flashlights.
– Waterproof: This torch can handle wet and rainy conditions, so you never have to worry about it failing you during critical moments.
– Flashlight Type: Perfect for camping and other outdoor activities, designed to meet the needs of adventure enthusiasts.
– Model of LED Beads: T6 LED beads offer superior performance and energy efficiency.
– Zoom Function: Adjust the focus as needed, providing versatility for various situations.
– Switch Mode: Choose from High, Middle, and Low settings for different lighting intensities.
– Color: Crisp and clear white light for maximum visibility.
– Battery Type: Use the included 18650 rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries, giving you multiple powering options.

With a remarkable 2000x zoom function, the Delta 3W LED Torch is up to 4x brighter than ordinary flashlights, boasting an ultra-brightness of up to 5000 LUX. Its tough-grade aluminum casing ensures durability and reliability, even in rugged environments.

Additionally, this torch is rechargeable and comes with a certification of CCC compliance, guaranteeing quality and safety. The adjustable focal length allows you to adapt the beam to your specific needs, while the rechargeable function offers convenience for prolonged use.

Perfect for various activities, including self-safety, hunting, cycling, trekking, climbing, camping, and other outdoor adventures, the Delta 3W LED Torch is a super powerful and handy tool that you can rely on in any situation.

Illuminate your world and be prepared for any challenge with the Delta 3W LED Torch. Order yours now and experience the difference in performance, durability, and convenience for all your outdoor and emergency needs.



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